UNEARTHED is a three-dimensional treasure hunt, set on a mythical archipelago in a distant sea. Intrepid explorers visit islands, dig through strata layers to uncover tools, using them to collect artifacts and treasures.


Dig deep through the underground strata to uncover tools and artifacts to recover treasures.

How To Play | Sell Sheet

How to Play

Goal: Collect the most treasure points.

Overview: Determine the length of the game by picking the number of islands to explore - the more islands, the longer your game.
Distribute the islands on your table.
Secretly fill island pits with layers of cards: shroud, terrain, tools, strata, and artifact and/or treasure.

Game Play: On each turn, a player may:
Move your ships from island to island.
Excavate the layers to collect tools, action cards, artifacts and treasures
Use artifacts to unlock treasures.

Lasercut Wooden and Paper Components:

  • 25 island tiles
  • 25 shroud cards (hide the terrain)
  • 25 terrain cards
  • 30 action cards
  • 25 strata tiles
  • 50 tool cards
  • 30 treasure cards
  • 10 artifact cards
  • 30 coins
  • 6 ships
  • Supply base island with tool shed

UnEarthed Instructions

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